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Writing a Research Paper About an Author

Tuesday, Apr. 26th 2011

A paper based on analysis and investigation along with sources included on a particular topic is known as a research paper. This has to be proper, informative and attention grabbing. Writing a research paper about an author involves different approaches. You need to know writings of the selected author and in which category he falls. Complete information about the author will assist you in finding the right information in the right place.

You need to conduct a preliminary research or do an extensive study for writing a research paper about an author. Selection of author completely depends upon a student. You can go for writing on fiction or nonfiction or others who come under the categories. It will help you to stay focused to one area. You will then collect information regarding the author and his work. Do not follow different patterns to tell the reader about your chosen author.

The pattern of writing will be similar to other topics that you select for a research paper. You will start from an introduction, give body of the paper and then finally end it with a conclusion. The information you will add up in your research paper should be accurate otherwise it will affect your grade. To avoid problems while writing a research paper about an author you can take assistance from the Internet and search a few tips which will help structure your paper.

Research paper starts off with a lot of reading and ends up in compilation of the data collected. While structuring your paper do not add irrelevant material about the author. Talk more about his work and then shed some light upon personal life and career achievements.

You can also emphasize on a certain theory or book which has been given by that particular author that sets him apart from other authors. Every author has a certain writing style which differs him from others, therefore, be attentive while writing and emphasize on significant points to explain your author’s work thoroughly.

Focus on the life your author has spent, highlight his achievements, analyze the criticism done on some of his works and use the right words to make your writing understandable. Define some traits that differs your writer from others and makes him special in his work. Your work will revolve around the author and his accomplishments throughout his life.

Explain in your own words the popularity and fame this writer has gained and other writer’s opinion about him or her. In the end conclude your paper with your own opinion, which will be based on the findings you have done for writing a research paper about an author.

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