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Steps to Writing a Research Paper in Middle School

Tuesday, Oct. 4th 2011

Steps to writing a research paper in middle school For steps to writing a research paper in middle school remember that a research paper is usually written about a specific topic, and is based upon information from different sources, which could include books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, journal articles, government documents and interview with experts. The paper must be an original report written with information gathered from assigned sources, and it could include your own opinions and analysis of the researched information.

Choose a topic for which you know that there are enough resources available. Next explain the point of your subject and what you will cover in the paper. Plan your paper by evaluating the information that you have and create an outline for your paper. Plan an introduction and closing section, and decide how much space you will dedicate to each section. The next stop for steps to writing a research paper in middle school is to locate source materials. Common source materials are articles in magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, newspaper articles and the Internet. However, source is not all listed in similar manner i.e. bibliographic information is listed differently from a source on the Internet. Write a first draft, keeping in mind the purpose of the paper and your audience. Always use in-text citations in accordance with the MLA writing style. For this add the author’s last name and the page number on which the information was found in parentheses at the end of the paraphrased text (John 19). Your works cited page lists all the sources used in your paper. At the top of the page center type the words “Works Cited”. Now list the sources in an alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Next write the title of the book (which is underlined) Place of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication. The citation format is different for magazines articles and for Internet sites. Then for steps to writing a research paper in middle school insert illustrations, charts and graphs if needed. These can be obtained from your research source, or you can make your own by hand or by using computer software. Make sure that these visuals are also properly referenced in your works cited page. Last, but not least edit and revise your paper. Correct errors such sentence fragments, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Confirm that each section has multiple paragraphs and that each paragraph has a clearly stated topic and the requisite supporting details to make a good research paper.

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