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How to Write Background of the Study in the Research Paper

Thursday, Oct. 27th 2011

In the context of the research papers, background of the study is also called the literature review. The background study is done in order to compile all the existing and relevant information that is already present on the topic. This compilation is necessary because it serves the purpose of providing credibility to the whole research. All the supporting facts and sources are gathered through this process. That is why knowing how to write background of the study in the research paper is very important.

There are three simple steps of writing a background study: data gathering, selection of information, and evaluation of information. All three steps are used to prove one single point: the relevance of existing data to the new study. This is the primary purpose of a literature review, and sometimes can be long enough to comprise of more than half of the research paper. Though, by no means the length of the literature review can be used as a guarantee about its authenticity. Therefore, it is necessary to collect quality data.

Collection of quality data starts with gathering all the relevant data, and proficient knowledge of how to write background of the study in the research paper can make this task particularly easy. This process is started by browsing libraries. Finding books, encyclopedias, journals, news papers and magazines that support your thesis statement can be an exhausting task, but the thrill of finding the related information totally eclipses the tiring processes that have led up to it.

Internet can also play a key role in locating the desired information. But it is very important that only the most credible and accurate sources be employed in the research. This is called the process of data filtration. This process delivers the most authentic, relevant and compelling information to support your thesis statement. And since the length of your literature review cannot guarantee you a successful paper, make sure that the quality of this paper chapter does so.

The last step that can educate you about how to write background of the study in the research paper is the process of information evaluation. This process tells you which point of the collected and filtered data is most persuasive to your thesis. Including the most strong arguments and undeniable facts in your favor can be a promising factor for the success of the whole research project. And we hope these few simple tips help you achieve that goal.

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