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How to write a claim in a paper

Monday, Oct. 31st 2011

Writing a claim in a paper can be easy as it requires you to present your arguments and some claims which can support your arguments or your claims. It can be a bit hard for students who do not know the basic principles of writing a good claim in a paper. It is always good to find out pointers and guidelines for any college paper that you are required to write. The more information you have the better your paper can be. So here is how to write a claim in a paper.

You have to do a lot of research in order to back your claims and arguments. No matter how complex or simple your topic is if you don’t do adequate research on it you will never be able to write a claim paper. And the very first step requires you to carry out proper selection of a topic you have to write a paper on. You must make sure to first thoroughly identify your topic of research.

Make sure that the topic you choose requires inspection to be done. You must select a topic in which you can research a lot of arguments and claims to back them up. There are times when you have the basic idea about your topic but not a specific one. So in situations like these you must do some research beforehand so that you can come up with proper information.

The next step in knowing how to write a claim in a paper is to look up and use different sources of information. There are many sources of information which are abundantly available, but in writing a claim in a paper you must use information from articles published in newspapers. Though you can go to a library and look for articles there as well. You can also use the help of the Internet.

The next step is to form a thesis statement using the information you have gathered, paraphrasing is a good method to start your paper, but you can also use other forms such as excerpts from other writers as well. Be sure to use a lot of appropriate examples and do not veer off the topic at hand. Use your arguments and claims in a correct manner and do not go overboard. Try to also utilize historical data; your ultimate goal is to impress the reader. So don’t bore him by writing too much description.

All in all, if you implement these guidelines you will know how to write a claim in a paper in no time at all.

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