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How to write a biology paper in APA format

Monday, Jan. 9th 2012

Writing a biology paper in APA format is bit different from others as it has an abstract, has citations and also we have to provide reliable information for references or sources so that students can look up for it in the future.
Moreover on how to write a biology paper in APA format requires that particularly on what objective scientist has carried out his research, the methodologies involved in it and in the end what was the result was it positive or negative and was it up to expectations.

How to write a biology paper in APA format also requires that you start with an abstract which is the summary or few lines which explains why, when and how whole experiment was conducted and after that there is the introduction or maybe the objective which clearly explains the whole reason for conducting this experiment and after that method the will be defined in which everything will be explained on how to conduct the experiment what objects will be used and how and when to be used. Lastly there will be a results portion in which you will clearly explain what the end results were either positive or negative, expected results were achieved or not.

How to write a biology paper in APA format may also require you to discuss results or explain results in the discussion section pf the biology paper as how accurate the results are and how much comparable or similar are these results to others.

Moreover when using other researchers work, make sure that you use the APA style in-text citation i.e. first name of researcher and then the year in which it was published.

For references section the APA style to be followed for books is is last name, first initial. (year). Book title in italics. Location: publisher.

For example, Wilson, F.R. (1998). The hand: How its use shapes the brain, language, and human culture. New York: Pantheon.

For references section the APA style to be followed for journal is last name, first initial. Middle initial. (year). Title of article. Journal title in italics, volume, pages.

For example, Craner, P.M. (1991). New tool for an ancient art: The computer and music. Computers and the humanities, 25, 303-313.

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