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Essay Writing Outline for ‘The Middle Passage’

Thursday, Apr. 19th 2012

Writing an essay on ‘The Middle Passage’ requires a lot of reading and research. It is historical so you cannot afford to be inaccurate when writing on it. The best thing to do is research on it, go to a library and you will surely find books on this even. Then try to organize your writing and refer to this essay writing outline for ‘The Middle Passage’.
According to many history books ‘The Middle Passage’ is said to have taken place between the dates of 1701 till 1760.

There were millions of innocent Africans who were literally kidnapped from their homes and their lands and brought to foreign land to act as slave. They were snatched away from their families, their children, their way of life and their native lands, and never to be seen again.

The cruel kidnapping of Africans from their native lands is what is known in history as ‘The Middle Passage’. It is also known as the Slave Triangle. Black men and women and children were traded as commodities just like anything else, there were prices on each slave depending on his or her size or built. It was cruel, in just and in humane.

The whites considered the blacks as inferior to them both mentally and physically as it was the other way around. The first trade of black people began from Europe when ships went to Africa and from there were brought to Europe and were traded there. Portugal was also a slave trading country at that time.

The Africans were used to do a number of things being slaves, they were exposed to extreme temperatures, made to take care of the land of their masters, to cook and clean, they were given no rights at all, they had no home and lived in sheds and small areas within their master’s home and were whipped, curses and constantly shouted at if they did something wrong.

We hope this essay writing outline for ‘The Middle Passage’ was able to give you a jump start towards writing your final essay for further specialized help, we suggest you click here.

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