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Movie Review Essay - Shaw shank Redemption



Andy Dufrane was a simple banker, a husband, as well as a man of spirits and hopes. Accidentally condemned of killing his own wife, he is vindicated to enduring of detention in Shaw shank prison. When he first disembarks on day one at the jail, the convicts are gambling on who will crack first among the fresh meat to enter at the prison. Someone constantly cracks; and a man that might get you something in prison named Red gambled that Andy would fail first. Andy did not fissure that day though; actually he didn't even mumble a peep. In its place another new convict of fat ass as he is euphemistically called cracks, moreover sobs like a baby. The sentinels shut him up through force, and he never does weep or grumble anymore after that.

In a relegation like Shaw shank, expect is a precarious thing for many. However to Andy, hope never dies as even in jail no place could yet get the finest for him. With a truly small hammer used by rock collectors, he creeps his system for liberty night by night over an era of decades. He camouflages the gap he is making in the blockade through a big picture of Rita Hayworth. Each day he scatters the pieces of the wall he fragmented away on the land outside. He concealed his hammer in a bible; a bible that even the prison's custodian clutches and reads from one juncture. The warden notes even the placard that hides his escape way on.


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In time he befalls a precious asset to the curator as he swabs money from all his prohibited actives. Andy's proficiencies are such that the jail baseball period is allied with tax period so that Andy can do the duty of guards for the state. In the end after numerous years of vocation and sweat Andy creeps his way to liberty through a manure pipe. He utilizes his acquaintance of the banking industry and the tax classification to reconstruct his individuality. He asserts all the money that he decontaminated for the custodian in diverse accounts, edges the custodian for his offenses, and heads abroad. The custodian murders himself relatively than face prison, and the securities that agonized him in prison are detained. Andy is a gratis fortitude, as free as a bird and even prison might not stay him imprisoned for long.

At the ending of the film Red, one of Andy's acquaintances from jail is released on parole. A memo is left for Red, which showed him the way to Andy's location and his boat. The Shaw shank Redemption demonstrates the stanch human spirit. Even a illegal custody, a dishonest custodian and enemies within Shaw shank can not get the finest of Andy Dufrane or any man if hope never dies. In my opinion the following theories can apply on this story. First is "Code theory" shorten the norms or principles that human knowledge has found mainly beneficial, they are not forever helpful in conflict cases, and they don't assist to report for moments in time when rules are altering. As well, they don't constantly mirror an echelon of ethical analysis that a practical ethics today would legally expect. “People can frequently use the codes as complete norms that merely carry over responsibility if people grasp them exception less in every case”. [Pojman, Louis P., 1994]

This theory applies on story in this way that it was one of the experiences of Andy’s life, no matter whether it would help him in the future or not, but at least its beneficial in the way that he has experienced a thing which he would remember whole of his life, and he even has got some knowledge from it.Second is Consequentiality theory that are significant for the reason that they ask us to examine the ethical aspect of life by asking what the results or consequences of people's proceedings show. Even if a person is well intentioned and has a valuable aim in mind. “The consequentialist theory explicates how liability and unethical but unintended consequences can be evaluated”. [Beckwith, Francis J., 1996]


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This theory applies in story in the way that though Andy didn’t kill his wife, but in life things may go unexpectedly and for no reason and this is what happened with him too, his wife was killed unexpectedly and he was the one to be blamed for no reason at all. Virtue theory, it centers on realistic wisdom. Virtue theory as well has the value of helping us center on the long-term expansion in a person’s life, or the results in the long run.

“Realistic understanding itself is a virtue that expands from experience and imminent in self-understanding, and it needs life experience over a broad variety of human state of affairs”. [Bernier, Charles L. May 1985, pp. 211-212]

This theory applies on story in this way that, Andy’s experience in the jail was a part of his life, and this experience may help him in understanding himself better, and it may also help in developing himself in a better way because of it.


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Bernier, Charles L. "Ethics of Knowing," Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences, May 1985, pp. 211-212.


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