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Term Paper on Adjustment to Retirement



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Warm family relationships, engaging activities, robust health and close friends are what constitute a happy retirement. There is no doubt that we have no control over our financial problems after the retirement but some aspects of our future still remain our influence.

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Many retirees had the notion that through some good moves they will be able to make a lot of money. Unfortunately it is only true for very few people; otherwise most of the people donít succeed. Eventually they have to move to retirement plan no. 2 and it involves embracing more homely virtues like having good health, good friends and interesting things to do. No doubt money has its value and is very good to have but it takes a lot more to build a fulfilling retirement.
So after getting the financial retirement plan in shape, we should think about our goals. We should start saving by creating a diversified investment portfolio. As a matter of fact this should put our life plan in order. All these actions and planning will induce self-control to us and we will be able to initiate our investments and this way finances might become the most important aspect of our happiness.

For a retired person, the best way of passing his time is to have a good friend. A good friend, of any age group is a huge asset in retirement. Having a warm connection with grandchildrenís, spouses, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and nieces is also a great help for the retired to cope with a life which has been changes so greatly and now the retirees start to feel the sense of belonging, well being and stability in a world. It is such a world where friends can move away and any kind of change could occur at any time without any prior warning. Whenever we encountered a successful and happy retiree, we found out that he had a hobby or passion to occupy them happily. They had a reason to get going in the morning. Teaching, writing or painting was also very good way of passing their time.

A person is working full-time and suddenly he is switched to full time leisure. For many people it is devastating.
When the circumstances change, the relationships change also. Retirement is nothing but choice and opportunities. It can also restrict out plans. The financial and emotional issues can influence our retirement plans. When we decide to retire, it is important to estimate what the retirement cost should be. We should also develop a retirement budget that should reflect our current plans. As we progress through retirement, our budget should be revisited to ensure that it continues to reflect our evolving needs and circumstances. For example if the mortgage is paid off, or the children are grown than then there will occur a decrease in our expenses. If we have no financial dependents or we rent than there will be very little change in our living expenses in retirement. Before retiring we should be confident that our expected income would meet our projected retirement income needs, which include lump-sum expenditures and unforeseen cost.


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A trend has been noticed that people prefer to delay in getting retirement. It look as if the people are afraid that they have to live the rest of their lives with very little or no fun. They will have very little fund to spare and under these circumstances the persons who are about to retire or have already retired, but not filing the papers for their retirement. In our opinion, we think that the people avoid the retirement because have the idea that by working they will stay connected to the world, and by taking the retirement they will loose all the connection with the outside world. However, this is a wrong idea as by taking another job, anyone can have connection with the outside world. There are so many misunderstanding and misconception about retirement and early retirement. A positive work ethics would never have allowed such a problem to arise. There is so much uncertainty in the retired life that everyone is afraid to live such a life, which is so unpredictable.

We donít know where we will live after we are retired, we are also in the dark with whom will we be spending our time. It is a fact that everyone gets enjoyment and satisfaction from having a relationship with others. It will be a transition time and we will need the help of our family and friends to put us out of the difficult transition times. We should understand that retirement from our job will affect these relationships, but this is our job to keep these relationships going on. It is a pity that we will stop the casual on-the-job friendship, when we get retired. Office used to be a great source of our daily contact with other people. If we try we can keep our contact alive. Proper planning and strategy will keep the office friends in contact and if needed, will come to help you.

Retirement affects marriages in many ways. For almost 45 years, going separate ways every weekdays, suddenly the couple find out that they are facing 24-hours a day togetherness. There is a chance that this situation may bring good results, but there is also a chance that some difficulties may arise. However, a frank and open communication can solve the problem.
Nearly 10 million people, over the age of 65 are living alone in America. Some of them are widowed; some divorced and some never had a chance to marry. For their retirement years they have already developed interests and friendships. We have observed that majority of older women live alone. There might be many reasons but the major ones are divorce or death of a spouse.



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